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Fully managed tour - Pickup from Airport, One night stay in Georgetown, transportation to Hurakabra

Foot Tracks on Sand

International guests can be picked up in a private bus from the Airport for a one night stay at the Marriott luxury ocean/river/city view hotel in Georgetown.

We leave for Parika the next day.

We will then transport you and your group from Parika  in our private open speed boat for a beautiful 45 minutes drive on the river to Hurakabra River Resort for your stay.

Tours can be arranged ahead of time so you have a detailed itinerary for planning.  

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1 - Pickup from Airport in a private bus for a one night stay in Georgetown 

Day 2 - Pickup from Georgetown in a private bus to Parika.  Private boat from Parika to Hurakabra.  

Day 3,4 - River tour, Bartica, Baracara Falls, Kyk-Over-Al, Parrot Island, Relax

Day 5 - Private boat from Hurakabra to Parika, Private bus from Parika to Airport or Georgetown.

Meals included.

Wine, and other alcoholic beverages at additional cost.

Contact us for more details

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