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Yacht Services



Customs and Immigration and Port Health facilities are available to all yachts visiting Guyana. I recommend, however, that you check in at the Bartica Port of Entry in the Essequibo River. Our Customs and Immigration facilities for the purpose of yachts reporting their arrival and departure are simple and straightforward.


You are advised that cruise yachts wishing to sail to Guyana from the Caribbean should consult the Doyle Cruising Guide ( . I can also offer the following advice.


On approaching Guyana, you can contact the Lighthouse Tower SSB frequency is 8281.2 and VHF.


You should approach on a rising tide and may anchor off Roeden Rust Marina. You can anchor about 50yds off the end of the Marina dock where even at low tide, you should have a minimum of 10ft of water. Once you remain in the channel approaching Parika from the mouth as indicated by Doyle, you should have no problem with the depth unless you have a draught exceeding 9ft and the tide is dead low.


I am not sure whether the Doyle Guide gives you the coordinates for the Roeden Rust Marina. The coordinates taken from Admiralty Chart 2782 (1929) are: 06 50.3 N / 058 27.4 W. Its within sight of the Parika Stelling at, Lat 06   51.9 N / 058 25.5W. Remain at anchor (depending on your arrival you may have to overnight at anchor) for a suitable tide that will allow you to approach Bartica towards high tide at Bartica which is approximately 4 hours after high tide at Roeden Rust which is approximately 1 hour after high tide at the bar.


It's a small Marina with minimum facilities. The number is (592) 262-0290.  Strictly speaking, you should not land as you will not have cleared in. However, they can assist you with minor emergencies or small amounts of fuel should you need assistance. You can dinghy in.

The Doyle Guide has published the waypoints for Bartica.  Hurakabra resort is close to Bartica and where you would be more than welcome to anchor.

Our Services

Anchorage is free of cost.


The following services are available at US$10/day.


1.         Garbage disposal

2.        Usage of the beach facilities such as beach chairs, hammocks, toilets, shower

            kayaking, peddle boat, swimming, using grounds for walks, any indoor/ outdoor game - badminton/table tennis/volley  ball/ Frisbee/ billiards

3.         Supply of rainwater

4.         Use of library/ maps

5.         Use of telephone to make limited local land line calls

6.         Use of internet facilities - 1 hour


Cost for individual services (if above package is not taken)

Piloting boat from Parika to Bartica to Hurakabra- $100.00

Trips to Bartica to purchase food items etc – Boat hire $50 per trip (2 -3 hours)

Fuel supply can be arranged.  It will be provided at current prices plus a service fee to deliver to boats from whatever location.

Ice supply per bag $2.50 per pail (10 lb)

Laundry facilities – Hand washed and sun dried and is charged per bundle size ranging from Small-$10.00; medium-$15.00; Large -$20.00 (to provide own detergent)

Garbage disposal - $2.00 daily

Internet: Facilities -$2.00 per hour

Meals – (24 hours notice) Breakfast-$10; Lunch-$15.00; Dinner-$25.00

Bar service- available at all times- beers, juices, liquors, wine

Caretaking boat while out of area - $10.00 daily

Caretaking boat while out of country- $10.00 daily (long term rental available) $200 per month

Collecting & delivery of packages from Georgetown by Jet pack services- DHL, Fedex, UPS –cost will range from $10 to ??? depending on size of package


Trips around Guyana:

Booking of trips to all interior locations & Falls- :

Kaieteur & Orinduik Falls, Shell Beach,Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve, Canopy Walkway, Surama Village, Karanambu Ranch,

Rockview Resort, Dadanama ranch  and any other location in the Rupununi


Essequibo River tours-:

Marshall Falls Rapids, Baracara Falls, Historic Dutch Forts, Parrot Island

Booking of hotel rooms in Georgetown, corporate rates available for guests of Hurakabra

Arranging Taxis to and from Georgetown

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